Baldpate Mountain – Ted Stiles Preserve

For detailed hike directions, maps, photos and GPS coordinates, visit our Baldpate Mountain page.

8.6 miles but easier to make short loops. Easy to moderate trail surface; minor elevation change.

Summit Trail (BLUE) to NW Loop (RED) to Ridge Trail (WHITE) to Copper Hill Trail (Orange) to Honey Hollow Trail (RED) to ORANGE (Cedar Grove Trail) to Kuser Trail (BLUE) to Honey Hollow Trail (RED) to Copper Hill (ORANGE) to Ridge Trail (WHITE) to Summit Trail (Blue)

Hhhhot today. The plan was to do a really long trail elsewhere but the heat changed that and we ended up here. Decent hiking for a small park in Central Jersey, and the Kuser Mansion and farm buildings added interest.

I had read that a visitor center with restrooms was being built and hadn’t expected them to be open, but the trail map in the lot noted them. The center is at the end of the BLUE trail about a mile or so in.

The restroom building was locked and no one was around. No signage indicating when it would be open or the hours. And here I’d gotten my hopes up for a proper restroom after seeing that sign. Bummer.

We took a snack break at the farm buildings on the Ridge Trail, there was a stone ledge to sit on… but we SHOULD have sat behind the small building near the well, on its step which overlooks the pond.

It would have made an even nicer snack spot… we should have wandered around the area first before breaking out our Clif Bars, but my Blueberry Crunch was calling my name. Oh well, next time.

Bugs in the Honey Hollow section were beyond annoying… it’s lower and near a stream. There was a large bug that would circle our heads as we walked… pleasant!

This section also allows more hunting than the rest of the park, so avoid in hunting season. Look up and around for various fancy deer stands that look like they should come complete with coffee makers, microwaves and running water.

Twice during this hike I got a brief whiff of pancake syrup… would have thought this utterly bizarre except I’d read that the nearby Howell Living Farm has maple trees tapped for sugaring.

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