Black River and Cooper Mill in Winter

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6.7 mile roundtrip. BLUE “Black River Trail” to RED to BLUE again.

Parking: Cooper Mill. Route 206  to Rt 513 W in Chester, 1.5 mile down the road on the left.  Porta-johns in parking lot.  Trail maps at trailhead (both for black river and patriot’s path).

General: Very scenic area. Cooper Mill area probably very popular in season, several cars in the lot even on a very cold (15 degrees) windy day. First section of trail very easy for non-hikers. Cooper Mill was closed of course this time of year. In fact the wheel had massive icicles covering it.

Trail: Followed the BLUE trail. Easy, level, road visible to the right. (traffic noise not bad). Take left where BLUE splits. At open junction follow signs to Kay Environmental center.

Follow BLUE around building (unsure if bathrooms here) along road. Trail a little unclear, just follow center’s road until Pottersville Road.

Cross the road, walk on left side of the road until BLUE ducks back into the woods.

Trail gets more interesting and remote here. Joins RED, follow back around and cross over Pottersville Road again into a nice evergreen forest.

Follow along, skirting the river and then back around. At an unclear intersection of GREEN and some unmarked trails, don’t go left down the hill and over the bridge – continue straight until BLUE and follow back to lot.

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