Norvin Green – High Point

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8 miles. Parking: Weis Ecology. Bathrooms on right, down and around stairs. Kiosk with maps and visitor center.

Norvin is a nice challenging park where you can put together a decent length hike.

For a best hike in Norvin and more routes with full directions see our main Norvin Green State Forest page.

I think most people romp up to High Point from Weis or come in from Otter hole to the falls and those areas can be crowded – but well worth it; but if you want to put in the miles you can have a nice day away from that too.

From parking lot, walked back down Snake Den road to trailhead on right for Y/R. Followed Yellow around, past “Roomy Mine”. Which is closed seasonally for the bats; apparently you can go in it other times.

At junction of White (Lower) and the split of RED and YELLOW, took the steep RED up to High Point for a snack and views of the NYC skyline. Took BLUE (Highlands Trail) down.

At split with YELLOW, kept right onto BLUE. Near Chik Falls, took BLUE right past intersection with YELLOW.

Then near Otter Hole, picked up GREEN to the right and followed that back to parking, past the intersection with YELLOW, then with RED and then WHITE

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