Allamuchy Mountain North in March

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Hiking the north section of Allamuchy Mountain.

Sussex Trail bike trail is here as well. Most trails in this park are multi-use. Did 6.5 miles.

For more hike info see our main page for Allamuchy Mountain S.P. North – Waterloo Trail.

Followed Sussex trail up a little bit, then turned left onto WHITE. This is “unmarked”. As well as a RED “unmarked” we saw later on (not on trail map).

Followed up and around and picked up YELLOW “Pebble Loop” (not on map either – ?) Followed up and around, steep and rocky. Bikers actually followed us up.

When we reached an intersection with the TEAL DIAMOND Highland Trail we took that down a hard-to-follow not used trail. Went down over boulders, looped round then headed back up toward parking lot.

Eventually hit a dirt road, WHITE. Stopped for a snack on a huge boulder conveniently placed next to the trail. As soon as we left another group arrived and did the same thing.

Kept on the Highland Trail, crossed the RED and continued up and down. Rather challenging. A few stream crossings on rocks.

At the crest of a hill we crossed RED again a dirt road. Then further we ended up on the Sussex Trail with a small waterfall, bench and wide stream crossing on huge flat rocks.

Immediately in a pine forest once crossing the Sussex Trail. Followed the twisting, rocky, rolling path eventually passed several stone walls and ended up at a road in a residential area with a pull out for a few cars, no porta pot.

Retraced our steps back to Sussex and followed it back, passing a day camp and lake.


287 to 206N to Route 80 at exit 25. Follow International Drive around and bear right at the light. Follow to T-intersection, parking directly ahead. About an hour from Central NJ.

Composting toilet (nice, TP and sanitizer). Trail maps.

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