D&R Canal Biking: Washington Crossing to Stockton – 2010

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From Washington Crossing State Park, north through Lambertville to Prallsville Mill.

For D&R trail resources/maps, see our Delaware Canal Towpath overview.

We had such a nice time the week before at D&R that we had to head over there again on Labor Day Weekend. Beautiful upper 70s day, but very windy due to the hurricane passing offshore.

We prefer to bike the towpath, but it makes for very easy hiking as well.


21.75 mile loop


Loop from Washington Crossing State Park, north through Lambertville. We turned around at Prallsville Mill.

When back in Stockton, took a right and headed over the bridge into PA. Followed the towpath south to Lambertville, crossed the bridge, and retraced our route.

We had planned on coming back over the bridge at Washington Crossing, but it was closed for repairs.


It’s pretty busy around Lambertville, and you need to cross the street and watch a lot of walkers on the trail… go slow… very slow.

In Stockton, there are some stores and restaurants right on the trail too.

After getting into PA from the Stockton bridge, you need to carry your bike down a bunch of steps; we didn’t see another way around but maybe there was. It wasn’t that hard to do… but just a heads up.

The section in PA from the Stockton Bridge south was really pretty… lots of nice houses, had old, charming kinda feel too it. When you reach the Lambertville Bridge, you need to cross the road and walk your bike a few blocks down the street and over the bridge.

For D&R trail resources/maps, see our Delaware Canal Towpath overview.


Rt 1 S to 95 S to 29N. Left onto Washington Crossing Pennington Rd then right at River Dr., turn right again into the lot.


There are bathrooms at the parking for Washington Crossing, as well as porta-johns at Prallsville Mill. There are stores in Lambertville and Stockton.


There is a Pepsi vending machine near the bathrooms, which means ice cold Mountain Dew as a reward for biking all those miles. no longer…

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