Water Gap – Mt. Tammany to Fire Road to Sunfish to Green

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Hiking Mt. Tammany to Sunfish via the Fire Road and returning by Dunnfield Creek.

Did the summit in 35 minutes, getting in some workouts in prep for our trip out to Yosemite. Summit at 11am and there were only a couple other people there on a lovely summer day.

11.5 Miles. Mt Tammany RED dot to the summit, fire road on the ridge to Turquoise to Sunfish Fire Road, return on GREEN Dunnfield Creek.

Complete hike details, photos, and video on our Mt. Tammany and Sunfish Pond page.

The fire road was more overgrown and grassy than expected. We decided to try to take the fire road to the reservoir but it got more and more overgrown and too much fresh bear scat for our tastes.

So we backtracked and took Turquoise – which was way overgrown as well – and dropped down the valley a bit then up to the fire road.

Had our snack then went back via GREEN Dunnfield Creek then back to the lot.

Random Oddness:

-A group of people were gathered, singing, by the stream after we came down the hill from Sunfish. Wasn’t sure what language it was.

-Group of five young guys were thrashing off trail and flagged us down because they couldn’t locate the green markers.

The trail gets hard to see and crosses the river. They followed us out.

They had wanted the summit but ended up at sunfish and were heading back on green.

The last time we went we were coming back down the AT and a woman asked us about the summit – they really need to make the RED dot trail more clear because people start hiking to the pond thinking they are going to summit.

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