Kittatinny Valley State Park

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Kittatinny Valley State Park

Hike with views of Lake Aeroflex, Whites Pond, and planes taking off from a small airport.

5.2 miles, some rocky/rooty areas mixed with more moderate trail. Minor elevation changes overall. Multi-use trails.

Our two cents:

Moderate hiking in a compact park. WHITE trail along the lake has the nicest views.

Watching planes take off is a fun extra; there are a couple of benches near the runway.

Note: No hunting in the main section of the park, between Goodale Rd. and Limecrest Rd.

Updated: 4/2020: Page refreshed, not re-hiked. 


Print out ahead, or check the visitor center.


None that we know of.

Parking: N41.01669° W74.74306°

Goodale Rd/Sussex Branch lot.


Composting toilet in the parking lot; bathrooms at the visitor center.

Hike Directions:

Overview: WHITE (Glacial) – Park Road – RED (Andover Junction) – Unmarked Administrative Road – Sussex Branch to Whites Pond view and back – BLUE (Limestone) – YELLOW

NOTE: While this park is pretty well marked there are multiple unmarked paths or park roads that end up in the same place, making directions possibly more confusing that helpful.

It may be easier to follow the map or make your own route as you go opposed to following the basic directions here.

WHITE trail

0.0 – Start following the WHITE trail near the composting toilet at the corner of the parking lot.

Follow WHITE as it makes it’s way around towards Lake Aeroflex.

The trail is clear of leaves here because of a race being held the next day.

Pass a few unmarked connector trails that lead to and interior trail loop (Black).

WHITE follows the edge of the lake.

Lake Aeroflex from WHITE trail.

There are multiple spots for a view of the Lake Aeroflex from WHITE.

Arrive at a short stone wall (there is a path around the right) and a small dock. Continue on WHITE.

Old chimney along WHITE trail.

2.4 – Arrive at an open grassy area near the runway, with a few benches nearby. [WHITE ends].


Plane taking off from Aeroflex Airport.

Start following the park road.

/// Shorter Option – This is a good point to head back, taking the Administrative Road or one of the other trails leading through the center of the park back to the lot. ///

2.5 – Turn RIGHT at the sign that says “TRAIL” and follow an unmarked path past an old building.

Just past the building, the path veers briefly off to the right and comes to a T. Turn LEFT at the T.

2.8 – In a short bit, the path splits. Veer RIGHT to now follow RED (Andover Junction).

RED trail

RED markers might not be obvious right away.

3.6 – RED (Andover Junction) rounds a corner and starts to head back.

This area has several unmarked paths, including an orange triangle not on the map. That likely leads out to The Sussex Branch trail which runs parallel and out of view.

Keep following the unmarked path, veering left if there is an option. [This is a vague area on the map!].

4.0 – End up at BLUE (Limestone), though blue blazes may not be at this junction.

Take a side trip out to Whites Pond: Turn LEFT and follow BLUE for few steps to the Sussex Branch rail trail.

Turn RIGHT on Sussex Branch:

Sussex Branch

To check out Whites Pond: 

View of Whites Pond from Sussex Branch
Whites Pond

Then retrace to this point. Now follow BLUE (Limestone).

4.8 – At the 4-way intersection, turn LEFT and now follow YELLOW (Explorer)

[BLUE (Limestone) continues straight. YELLOW (Explorer) goes right. Can’t recall if YELLOW was actually blazed yellow.]

Continue on YELLOW, eventually coming to a field to cross to return to the parking lot.

Hiked: 10/15/16.
Hiked: 7/9/06. Trail Blog “Kittatinny State Park