Double Trouble State Park

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Easy, sandy trails through pine barrens and around cranberry bogs with views of Cedar Creek and Mill Pond Reservoir.

Also explore the Village buildings from the early 20th-century cranberry industry in New Jersey.

4.0 miles. Flat, easy, packed sand woods roads. Trails are unblazed and only named on the trail map.

  • This route: 4.0 miles [2.6-mile Perimeter Trail + 1.4-mile Reservoir-Sawmill Loop]/
  • Shorter: 1.5 miles Nature Trail/
  • Longer: On the map there is also a note of “to Lacey Road 2.5 miles”, so there is an option of doing an out-and-back on that too.
  • Nearby: Jakes Branch County Park; Cattus Island Park; Wells Mills County Park.

Our 2-cents:

An Interesting park that is worth a visit, but not really what we consider “hiking”… more of a “hey, let’s go for an easy walk” destination on wide, sandy woods roads.

Good option for snowy/winter hiking – but is open and can be windy/chilly.

Updated: 6/2020 – Page refreshed, not re-hiked.


Get a map outside the visitor center or print out the trail map ahead. (The day we hiked, the trail map was not available). The park site also contains Nature Guide and a Historic Village guide.


Brief mention in the The New Jersey Walk Book (where it just lists the 1.5 m Nature Trail)

Parking: N39.89756° W74.22181°

Garden State Parkway Southbound: Take exit 77. Turn left off exit ramp and travel 1/2 mile south on Double Trouble Road/ County Route 619 South to the traffic signal.

Park entrance is straight ahead across Pinewald Keswick Road/County Route 618.

Garden State Parkway Northbound: Take exit 77. Turn left onto County Route 618 West, go under Garden State Parkway and travel approximately 1/2 mile on Pinewald Keswick Road to the traffic signal at Double Trouble Road. Park entrance is on the left.

Directions also on the Double Trouble park site.


Inside the visitor center. Walk straight from the parking lot, looking to the right for the small Visitor Center building w/ Restrooms and Information.

Hike Directions:

Trails are unblazed and just named on the map, and there are many other sand roads so this route could be hard to follow.

The route below combines two trails, Perimeter and Sawmill Loop. Since both of these routes start from the parking lot, we’ve described them individually.

Double Trouble parking lot

Perimeter Trail

0.0 – From the parking lot, start walking straight into the park, past the trail sign. The small visitor center/restroom building is off on the right.

Keep straight through the Village.

Village Building
Village Building
Cedar Creek

0.3 – Cross Cedar Creek on a bridge.

0.4 – Turn LEFT, down a long, straight woods road [this is also part of the Nature Trail].

0.8 – Turn RIGHT [just past the Nature Trail on the left which would cut this hike short].

Sand trails

0.9 – Turn LEFT and walk on a narrow strip of land next to cranberry bogs.

1.3 – Turn LEFT. [on the trail map, you are at the far right corner of the cranberry bog].

Frozen cranbury bogs:

Cedar Creek:

Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek

1.5 – Cross Cedar Creek again.

2.0 – Several trails branch from here. Bear left to walk along the Upper and Lower Hooper bogs, which meets back up with the Perimeter trail shortly.

[Straight should be the continuation of the Perimeter Trail. A hard left on the sand road goes along the Lower Hooper Bog and back towards the Cranberry Bog.]

Sand roads

2.2 – Pass a trail on the left that goes between the bogs.

Continue straight to meet back up with the Perimeter Trail [the day we hiked, we needed to go over a pile of brush and pine needles to continue, and shortly after was the Perimeter Trail again]

The trail continues back to the parking lot.

Call it a day or continue on to…

Cranberry bog

Reservoir-Sawmill Loop

0.0 – From the parking lot, start walking straight into the park, past the trail sign and over towards the visitor center/restroom building that is off to the right to pick up the trail.

0.3 – Turn RIGHT to check out the small Crabbe Family Cemetery, with a few headstones.

Crabbe Family Cemetery

Then retrace your steps back on the trail and continue.

0.7 – Arrive at Mill Pond Reservoir with a wooden fence with DANGER posted, and a cement area covered mostly covered water.

Mill Pond Reservoir

When ready, turn around and retrace your steps looking for the path that veers off to the RIGHT.

This path through pine trees closely follows the sand road you just took.

Trail back through pine

1.3 – Arrive back in the Village, and turn LEFT to head back to the parking lot.

Hiked: 2/13/11. Trail Blog: “Double Trouble State Park