Hiking Atsion to Quaker Bridge on New Year’s Day

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We always try to hike on New Year’s Day as it’s just a great way to start the year (and shake off the wine & cheese from the night before!)

For New Years we wanted a hike that we were familiar with so it didn’t require any research, and our last hike here was less than a year ago [see Wharton State Forest – Atsion to Quaker Bridge Loop].

It’s nice to visit new places, figure new routes, take a bunch of photos… but sometimes you want to just hike.

Miles: 9.7

Route: Mullica River Trail (YELLOW) – Wilderness Camps Connector (GREEN) – Beaver Pond/Quaker Bridge Trail (PURPLE) – Mullica River Trail (YELLOW)

Detailed hike info on our main Wharton State Forest – Atsion to Quaker Bridge page.

The pine barrens can be a great place for that. All that endless pine tends to tune everything else out – it can be almost meditative sometimes. 

…or sometimes it can seem like crushing monotony if you aren’t in the mood for it!

We changed the route up slightly from last time, reversing the order of the loop.

It was in the 30s and cloudy, but with no wind and wearing several layers it was quite comfortable out. Great way to kick off the new year.

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  1. I hear you on the sometimes you just want to hike! I have often thought of doing what you do . . . but I just want to hike. So thanks for sharing this info so we can!

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