Fiddlers Creek Preserve

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Hike along a creek in a rocky ravine and through fields undergoing reforestation.

2.2 miles, level grassy paths in the field; dirt with some roots and rocks the creek, slight downhill to get to creek level and then back up.

Our two cents: Worthwhile short hike with diverse scenery. Fields that were once farmed have been replanted with native trees and plants, and a stream once used to power a mill now flows quietly through a rocky ravine.

Grass can soak shoes after rain or dew. The center fields are fenced from deer with gates to walk through, be sure to close the gates behind you. Avid hikers can combine this with Baldpate’s large network of trails that start from the same lot.

Map: Print ahead.

Books: None that we know of.

Parking: N40.31823° W74.89042°
Fiddlers Creek shares the same lot as Baldpate Mountain. There is another lot further down Fiddlers Creek Road.

Restrooms: None in lot. The main park up on Baldpate Mountain has them but unsure of availability. An option is a nearby D&R Canal lot that has a bathroom at River Road and Rt 546 near Washington Crossing park.

Hike Directions:

Overview: BLUE (Overlook) – RED (Ravine) – BLUE (Overlook)

0.0 – At the far end of the Baldpate/Fiddlers lot follow the sign for Fiddlers Creek by turning left and walking on the grass towards Fiddlers Creek Road. Cross the road, following BLUE (Overlook).

0.5 – Pass through the SW Gate and continue on BLUE (Overlook) [RED (Ravine) goes left.]

0.8 – Exit through the SE Gate and start walking downhill. Turn RIGHT to now follow RED (Ravine). [BLUE (Overlook) goes left – cut the hike short this way].

RED (Ravine) goes downhill to Fiddlers Creek, then turns to the left and follows along the creek.

1.1 – Continue following RED (Ravine). [WHITE (Stoneface) goes up to the left – cut the hike short this way]

1.3 – Pass through NE Gate and continue on RED (Ravine).

1.5 – Continue on RED (Ravine) as it turns left and follows the inside of the fence. [BLUE (Overlook) turns SHARP left. Exiting the NW Gate leads to the other parking lot]

1.8 – Exit the SW Gate and retrace RED (Ravine) back to the lot.

Hiked: 8/12/18.