Farrington Lake Kayak

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Farrington Lake

Enjoyable paddling on a quiet lake tucked away in suburbia.

Our two cents:

The south end is narrower and shallower than the north end (and more interesting in our opinion), but is more affected by low water. However, the entire lake is a pleasant and easy paddle.

Relatively quiet area but some power lines and houses that border the lake are visible, with the associated noise of mowers etc.

Road noise, especially along the southern section. Lots of fishing boats but it’s electric motors only and there is room to spread out.

Plenty of wildlife – herons, other birds, turtles. A solid choice for those in central Jersey, but not something you need to drive far for.


We usually put in at Church and Riva. The Hardenburg Ln. lot is a bit bigger but is sometimes is filled with boat trailers.

Launch area from Church & Riva avenues:

Farrington Lake

We think of this lake in two sections, split at the Church and Riva lot:


Goes towards the widest area. Passes a few power lines.

Farrington Lake
Farrington Lake

Just past the bridge at Hardenburg Ln (the other launch area) is a strip of land jutting out, with submerged pylons that are easily navigated through.

Farrington Lake

When the water is high these aren’t visible, but there are some metal rods stuck in them to make them easier to avoid.

There is a cove with walls, and the lake ends at a dam area.

Farrington Lake


Immediately goes under the Church Ln. bridge and into a narrower area that is filled with lily pads.


This continues to narrow, with overhanging branches, passing under another bridge.

It eventually becomes too shallow to continue, just short of entering Davidsons Millpond.


This area is much wilder in feel than the more open sections in the north of the lake.

When the water level is low, the 2nd bridge may be tricky as there are rocks or cement pieces under it.

Farrington Lake



Up to about 8 miles roundtrip, if you go in both directions from either launch.


N40.42449° W74.47690° [Riva & Church Ave.] Small dirt lot. Launch from shore.

N40.43897° W74.46667° [Hardenburg Ln] Dirt lot. Launch from shore.


290 acres, average depth: 6’, max depth: 12’.


Usually none (Riva lot – no porta-john as of 8/2019).

Facilities in Bicentennial Park, down the road from the Hardenburg Ln. lot – but sometimes they are locked even when you’d think they’d be open.


Quiet Water New Jersey (2010), Trip # 21

Note: Quiet Water New Jersey is available as an online Kindle book but sadly the print version is no longer available – other than used copies that are generally going for absurd prices for some reason.

An option is “AMC’s Quiet Water Mid-Atlantic” from 2018 which contains 13 of the 52 ones in the New Jersey-only book.


D&R Canal Kayak – Blackwells Mills; Carnegie Lake Kayak.

For general info, check out our Kayaking NJ page.

Kayaked 8/10/19. 4.7 miles, right. Wildlife: an absurd amount of great blue herons and egrets.
Kayaked 7/4/19. 4.0 miles, left.
Kayaked 8/18/18. 3.4 miles. Hardenburg Ln.
Kayaked 7/4/17. 4.0 miles. Wildlife: multiple herons, turtles popping up in front of us.

Kayaked 6/26/16. 3.0 miles. Wildlife: several herons, including one that flew right over us with a loud squawk.
Kayaked 8/23/15. 3.9 miles. 
Kayaked 5/25/15. 2.6 miles.
Kayaked 8/03/14. 4.9 miles.
Kayaked 7/12/14. 5.0 miles.
Kayaked 7/7/14. 3.8 miles.