Tamarack Hollow Preserve

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Tamarack Hollow Preserve trailhead sign

A short, easy local leg-stretcher hike with some bird-watching opportunities.

2.1 miles, surface is easy dirt and roots, mostly level.

Our two cents:

Good for a quick hike if in the area, or combine with the nearby parks listed above that are all within about a 5-10 minute drive of this trail.

Updates: 4/2021 – page refreshed, not re-hiked.


Print from the park site or there may be ones in the trail kiosk. In no books that we know of.

Parking: N40.42339° W74.47055°

From Riva Ave turn onto Albrecht Lane – which looks like a driveway. Once turned onto Albrecht, keep to the right on a narrow road (left is actually a driveway).

At the end follow a sign that leads to a small dirt parking area surrounded by a split-rail fence.

Parking area for Tamarack Hollow


None. Bathrooms may be open at Bicentennial Park down Riva Ave. or there should be a porta-john at Davidson’s Mill the other way down Riva.

Hike Directions:

Overview: WHITE (Tamarack) – BLUE (Fresh Ponds) out-and-back – WHITE (Tamarack) almost to its end at the power line cut – ORANGE (Hidden Holly) – WHITE (Tamarack)

0.0 – From the parking area, the trailhead is off to the left near a wooden trail kiosk.

Tamarack Hollow trail kiosk

Start following WHITE (Tamarack). Keep on that while passing ORANGE (Hidden Holly).

0.3 – Pass an unmarked side trail on the left.

0.5 – Pass an unmarked side trail on the left.

0.6 – Start following BLUE (Fresh Ponds).

Continue to it’s end at Fresh Ponds Road and then backtrack to this junction.

1.3 – Back at the junction, turn LEFT to follow WHITE (Tamarack) again.

Very shortly, pass ORANGE (Hidden Holly).

1.6 – Turn RIGHT to start following ORANGE (Hidden Holly).

Turn is easy to miss. If you get to the power line cut you’ve gone too far.

1.7 – Turn LEFT when ORANGE (Hidden Holly) splits.

// Variation: turn right and go around the loop the opposite direction. //

1.9 – Turn LEFT when ORANGE (Hidden Holly) splits again.

Shortly, turn LEFT and follow WHITE (Tamarack) back to the trail kiosk.

Hiked: 1/6/19. Slight variation: right at Hidden Holly split.
Hiked: 4/14/13. Trail Blog: “Tamarack Hollow in April”.