Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve

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Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve

An interesting combo of forest, fields, and grasslands.

5.3 miles. Easy trail through forest and along fields and grasslands; minor hills.

  • Shorter: Blue (.9),  Red (1.1) – both loops start from the parking lot
  • Medium: 3.9 – skip the section of BROWN to PURPLE, cutting back on YELLOW sooner
  • Longer: The Brown trail continues on to the trail system at Bunker Hill Natural Area.

Our two cents:

The grasses and wildflowers are the highlight, and ORANGE is probably the nicest trail.

The viewing area on RED has a view towards the Sourland mountains, with a sign.

Trails would also be good for snowshoeing but be sure to stay on the edges and avoid going on the fields with tall native grasses. Stick to hiking Sundays during hunting season.

Updated: 4/2020: Page refreshed, not re-hiked. Winter photos archived at bottom. 5/2017 – Added spring photos, moved winter to the bottom of the page.


Paper maps in the trail kiosk or print one ahead.


Not in any books we know of.

Parking: N40° 26.145′ W74° 36.591′

This is a bit hard to spot, there is a park sign, but it looks like a driveway to a house. The dirt road to the small parking area is long and didn’t seem plowed; a low clearance vehicle might have an issue in snow.



Hike Directions:

Overview: BLUE – RED – ORANGE – BROWN – PURPLE (which actually looks pretty blue) – BROWN – YELLOW – RED – BLUE

We did the general perimeter of the trail system in a clockwise loop which ended up being 5.3 miles.

The BLUE trail goes around grassland.

BLUE trail

The RED skirts around fields.

ORANGE, PURPLE and YELLOW are through forest.

ORANGE trail thru forest

And near a stream.

BROWN connects the trails along a woods road. It also leads out to Bunker Hill Natural Area (though the section leaving the park looked overgrown May 2017).

BROWN trail on a woods road

The PURPLE trail doesn’t seem to match the map, there are extra connections or something. The first time we hiked we thought maybe because the trail was snow covered we missed the obvious.

PURPLE which looks kinda blue

We actually ended up on what seemed like an old path and used our GPS to get back on track.

The 2nd time we ended up incorrect again without realizing it, taking a purple marked path but it went through the middle of the “loop”.

In addition to the discrepancy of the Purple trail to the map, intersections and markings can be a bit confusing.

At any rate, at one point PURPLE pops out into a disc golf course.

And you might spot a few interesting things along the PURPLE trail.

Along the PURPLE trail

After the PURPLE loop, it’s back on BROWN to head back. We then turned off on to YELLOW. 

/// Shorter: Stay on BROWN, skipping YELLOW.

YELLOW trail

At the intersection with RED, turn LEFT around field edges to a viewing area.

From the viewing area on the RED trail

RED follows field edges to BLUE and back to the parking lot.

BLUE close to the parking lot

Hiked: 5/7/17
Hiked: 1/25/15. Photo archive: “Griggstown Grassland in Winter“.