Parvin State Park

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A short, easy loop around Parvin Lake through South Jersey’s pinelands and an Atlantic white cedar swamp.

3.3 miles. Easy. Trail surface is easy, flat, and has no rocks.We did this trail in about 1.5 hrs and that was with stopping for photos and video.

In summer, there is swimming at the beach, with picnic areas, a playground, and a camping area. There are other trails in the park to make longer hikes.

Updates: 11/2018 – Fall foliage photos added. 10/9/17 – Link changed to the latest trail map. 11/20/14 – New trail map (Oct. 2014).

Map: Print out the park map before. There aren’t any at this parking lot but you could stop at the park office near the beach.

Books: Map diagrams and longer route variations can be found in 50 Hikes in New JerseyHiking New Jersey and Best Day Hikes Near Philadelphia. Parvin is not covered in the The New Jersey Walk Book.

Restrooms: Not at the parking lot for this route. There are restrooms at the park office near the beach access, which is later in the hike (or a short drive around the corner).

There should be restrooms in the campgrounds – not sure on the availability.

Parking: N39 30.346 W75 07.794
Turnpike south to exit 3. Take 42 South to 55 South. From Route 55, take exit 35B. There are a few signs to the park. The Park is located between Centerton and Vineland on Route 540 (Almond Road).

This hike starts from the lot at Fisherman’s landing, which is on Parvin Mill Road/County 645.

New for 2015: A few spaces are for Boat Launch /Trailers Only and require a permit (could get ticketed without one).

This loop hike is entirely on GREEN and could easily be switched to start from the park office where there is a bigger lot.

Hike Directions:

Great view of the lake right from the start. There is a floating dock to get a view from as well. Follow the GREEN trail for this whole loop. Trail junctions noted below may or may not still be marked.

0.0 – From the parking lot, this route heads clockwise around Parvin Lake. Facing the lake, start walking to the left, hugging the lake.

Go over a small bridge, then immediately pass a small floating dock. The campground comes into view on your left.

0.1 – Keep following GREEN as it turns RIGHT and hugs the lake. [Pass BLUE and YELLOW, straight].

0.6  – Continue on GREEN. [BLUE goes to the LEFT]

1.4  – Continue on GREEN. [PINK goes to LEFT]

1.6  – At a 4-way junction, turn RIGHT and continue following GREEN. [ORANGE is straight, the path to the left leads to BLUE].

1.8  – Not long after crossing a bridge, and near a wooden structure, turn RIGHT and continue on GREEN. [RED and WHITE go to the left.]

Almond Road is off to the left, and there may be some minor road noise. Behind a chain link fence, a playground and picnic areas come into view on the right.

2.8 – Pass the Park Office, Beach access, Restroom.

The fence ends and the path curves around, past a gazebo and then over an old white bridge, completed by the CCC in 1940.

The trail goes along the road and then arrives at the dam. The parking lot is just ahead.

Hiked: 3/3/19. Variation, w/A. Thundergust – Black Oak – Long – Parvin Lake Trail
Hiked: 10/8/17. w/A.
Hiked: 11/2/14. w/ B,T, B.

Hiked: 11/15/09. w/ B,T, B. Trail Blog: “Maurice River Bluffs and Parvins State Park