Tillman Ravine

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Shady hike in a pretty hemlock forest featuring nice cascades and a cemetery dating to the 1800s.

2.0 miles, dirt and roots, some rocks. A few small wooden bridges. Bit of a hill coming back up from the Lower trail.

Our two cents: It’s worthwhile and enjoyable to include the hike to Walpack Cemetery – but it can be driven to if you’d like to see it without hiking (and you’ll drive by it depending on how you come in).

Update 4/2019: Re-hiked Tillmans only; added photos after heavy rain; updated description, blazes are all rectangular with no triangles now; added GPX/Interactive Map; archived outdated map photos to 2015 trail blog. Update 8/2017 – New park map link added.

Map: Detail of the area is now on the park map, print ahead or pick up at the office. The trail is on Kittatinny Trails, but it’s small.  Bonus historical map: Historical Tillman Ravine Map, 1962via Rutgers Special Collections.

Books: Brief entry in Kittatinny Trails.

Parking: Trails link the two parking lots, park at either:
N41.15842° W74.85861° [Upper lot]
N41.15678° W74.86218° [Lower lot]

Restrooms: Rustic latrine at each parking lot.

Hike Directions:

Overview: WHITE – GREEN CIRCLE on WHITE (looks blue on map) – WHITE

This is more of a meander around short hike and it would be overkill to give specific step-by-step directions.

Overall, the area is small and easily navigated with an Upper and Lower WHITE trail, and the Cemetery Trail leading off past the Teacup.

The way the trails are marked makes it difficult to describe as well but to give an idea, we usually do:

  • From the Upper parking lot, follow WHITE blazed Tillmans trail in the left corner of the lot.
  • The trail turns RIGHT away from the trailhead for the new Maple Trail.
  • Follow the Lower trail over bridges and along the stream until it heads back uphill.
  • At the sign for the Cemetery trail and the Teacup, check out the Tea Cup first – a swirling cascade. 
  • Follow the Cemetery trail until reaching a dirt road.
  • Turn RIGHT and walk a little bit down the road to the Cemetery.
  • When done at the cemetery, retrace the route back to Tillman Ravine.
  • Take the trail uphill to the Lower lot, walk through it to pick up the trail at the other end of the lot and head back to the Upper lot.

Hiked: 4/13/19. Tillmans only.
Hiked: 10/18/15. Trail Blog: “Tillman Ravine in Fall

Hiked: 5/1/11. Trail Blog: “Tillman Ravine and Walpack Cemetery in May