White Lake Natural Resource Area

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Stone wall ruins surrounded by green foliage

Hike around White Lake and past the remnants of a large ice house.

3.8 miles. Surface is root and dirt, not that rocky; minor hills.

Our two cents:

Short hike through forest and fields with a few views of an interesting crystal clear lake, and the remains of large buildings once used as an ice house/marl processing plant.

Bonus: Pair your hike with an easy paddle on White Lake.

Fun Fact: The name “White Lake” comes from the white chalky material that lines the bottom called “marl”. Marl is composed of freshwater shells and clay and was processed for use in fertilizer and cement.


Print ahead, or there may be brochures in the trail kiosk.

Parking: N41.00207° W74.91660°

White Lake Parking Lot. 97 Stillwater Rd. Hardwick, NJ 07825. Large dirt lot adjacent to the road. Don’t continue further down the driveway as that’s just the kayak launch.


Portable toilet in the parking lot.

Hike Directions:

Overview: BLUE – YELLOW (Ridge & Valley) – BLUE

0.0 – From the parking lot, continue down the driveway to the kayak launch to check out White Lake.

Launch area of White Lake

Head out on the dock for a closer look.

Green trees reflected in crystal clear lake

With your back to the lake, turn LEFT to follow BLUE on a mowed path through a field.

Mowed trail through a field of wildflowers

In the right season there may be wildflowers on either side.

Close up of yellow wildflowers

RED co-joins BLUE for a section on the trail map, though we don’t recall seeing red markers.

Blue marker on a tree next to a trail

0.4 – Continue on BLUE as it heads to a bench and viewpoint over the lake. There were people sitting at the bench and the area is tight so we didn’t try to squeeze in… so there’s no photo for this spot.

Continue on BLUE up an elaborate section of stone steps.

Stone steps on a trail

BLUE continues, from the forest to crossing open fields on mowed paths.

1.0 – View of White Lake. The posts in the water are from an old dock.

White lake with old dock posts seen in the distance.

Continue following BLUE.

Blue marker on a tree next to a dirt path
Large old tree with sunlight streaming through the branches.

1.1 – Turn LEFT to now follow YELLOW (Ridge & Valley). [BLUE ends.]

1.2 – Arrive at the remains of the marlworks/ice house.

Path to stone wall with arches overgrown with foliage

We meandered through and around the buildings. Some areas may be overgrown.

Path to large stone wall

Many of the openings have brick archways over them.

Brick arch over doorway

Walking through an opening to the other side of the stone wall.

Trees are growing all through the building interiors.

Tall stone walls being taken over by the forest.

Tall stone wall

From the marlworks is a view out to an open marshy area.

Open marshy area

When done exploring the buildings, continue following YELLOW (Ridge & Valley).

Pass the remains of a chimney.

Remains of a stone chimney

2.1 – Sign for a lime kiln nestled somewhere in the foliage.

Lime kiln interpretive sign

Continue following YELLOW (Ridge & Valley) past the GREEN trail on the left. Pass GREEN again in a bit. Note that the trail map only shows one junction with GREEN.

// Shorter: Take GREEN back instead. At the junction with BLUE, turn LEFT and follow BLUE back to the lot. //

Continue following YELLOW (Ridge & Valley) as it loops back around.

3.0 – Turn LEFT to start following BLUE. [YELLOW (Ridge & Valley) continues a bit further before ending at Stillwater Road.]

Continue on BLUE, crossing the GREEN trail. BLUE continues across a field and back to the log.

Hiked: 8/6/20.