Jenny Jump Trail

Jenny Jump TrailJenny Jump State Forest – Hope, NJ

Summary: Nice view of Mt. Tammany, Mt. Minsi and the Delaware Water Gap in the distance early on this long trail.

11.4 miles. To Lake Justit Road and back. Trail surface is easy to moderate, not that rocky, it’s mostly on old woods roads. There are a few hills that are a steep later on in the hike. The trail was overgrown in many areas (ouuuch thorns) when we went, but the trail may not have been officially open/completed yet.

Update 11/5/13 – We’ve gotten a report that this trail is overgrown, in several spots large trees have come down over the trail which then requires working your way around through the underbrush, and overall is a very poorly maintained trail. The second view point spur trail is no longer marked by a rock cairn because it was knocked over. [Thanks to Michael P. for the update]. Update 6/10/14 – trail conditions remain the same, the viewpoints are a little hard to find, and the section that continues past this hike, from Lake Just-It to Mountain Lake has no views of Mountain Lake and is just wet and buggy. [Thanks to TJK for the update]

  • Shorter: Easy 3.4 miles roundtrip to the 2nd viewpoint and back.
  • Medium: Moderate 6.2 miles to the stream crossing noted below, and back.
  • Longer: Use the trail map to take the trail further, to Rt. 617.

Our two cents: To the viewpoint and back is the highlight of this hike. The rest of the trail has no views but is in a nice forest that has feels remote, even though you pop out and cross country roads a couple times. It’s great to have a long option in this park in addition to hiking Ghost Lake in the other part of Jenny.

Map: Print the Jenny Jump State Forest Trail Map.

Books: Not in any books that we’re aware of.

Parking: N40 54.720 W74 55.507
Rt 80 to exit 12 (Hope/Blairstown). There are several brown and white park signs marking the way.

Rt 521 S. Turn left onto 519 at the blinking light. Take the third road on the right, Shiloh Road. Turn right in about a mile onto State Park Road. Park entrance is less than a mile on the left (follow this for the restrooms), but for this trailhead… don’t turn left there. Go just past it and bear right into a large lot.

There is one easy-to-spot trailhead sign at the end of the lot. There are also other parking areas along the Jenny Jump Trail that are marked on the map.

Restrooms: comfort station in the other trail parking lot, as noted above.

Hike Directions:
– The trailhead is at the far end of the parking lot. This route is entirely on the Jenny Jump Trail (BLUE), out and back. The trail is well marked and there aren’t any other marked trails that you pass.

0.3 – A WHITE trail comes in from the LEFT. You’ll see WHITE markers along with the BLUE now. This WHITE trail doesn’t seem to be on the park maps.

1.1 – Cross a woods road by turning LEFT then immediately RIGHT. Keep following the BLUE markers.

1.4 – First viewpoint, with limited views.

1.7 – Turn RIGHT on a short spur trail to the 2nd viewpoint, with a great view of the Delaware Water Gap and the town below. The trail is marked with a rock cairn.

The trail starts heading steadily downhill, then levels off. Shortly after that is an easy rock hop over a stream.

2.2 – Watch for the BLUE markers indicating a RIGHT turn. Ignore the woods road straight ahead, that has an old blue marker.

2.7 – Head down stone steps to the road. It’s not clear what to do here, look across Hope Great Meadow Rd. and to the right to find the BLUE marker painted on the guardrail. Climb over the rail and go steeply down the bank.

The trail turns to the LEFT and runs along side a field. A farm house and silo can be seen across the field.

3.1 – Rock hop across a stream with nice water cascades. [you could turn back here for a 6.2 mile round trip hike]

4. 0 – Cross Hissim Road. The trail map indicates parking here, there would be room for a few cars along the road.

5.6 – Smallish Lake Just-It is on the left, with a little dam and a small old red building. This is getting near the road and houses are visible. It makes an OK break spot but it’s not that scenic.

5.7 – Lake Just-It Rd. The trail map indicates parking here, and while there would be room for a few cars, there wasn’t really an indication you could park.

According to the map, the trail continues down the road to the right if you are so inclined. It didn’t look all that interesting to us, so we decided to turn around here and wander around the lake a bit.

Retrace your steps back to the lot.

Hiked: 10/15/11 Trail Blog: “Jenny Jump State Forest – Jenny Jump Trail