Hiking in NJ

Hikes in NJTrail maps, photos, videos, and info for some trails in and near New Jersey that didn’t quite make the Best Hikes list.

These are the hikes that we’ve created dedicated trail description pages for, but search through this site for more Trail Blog entries – everything we’ve hiked since January 2006 – for plenty of hike ideas to keep you busy for awhile.

The hikes are loosely listed by geographic area, but what constitutes “north”, “central”, and “south” Jersey is subjective at best – and argumentative at worst! – so we’ll leave it up to you to discuss amongst yourselves…

Hikes in North NJ

Delaware Water Gap Area and Northwest Parks

North Central and Jersey Highlands

North East

Hikes in Central NJ

Hikes in South NJ

Hikes Near NJ – in NY and PA